How your upper and lower teeth meet when you bite down is important when addressing dental problems. That is why our dentists and team in Chicago, Illinois, can use a T-Scan™ Novus™ to perform an occlusal analysis. This is a safe and clinically researched digital system we have incorporated into our practice to give us the ability to evaluate the force and stability of your bite.

By using a T-Scan, Dr. Sanford Barr and Dr. Marianne Diachenko can:

  • Create a balance with your occlusion
  • Determine if it is an appropriate time for dental implants
  • Boost efficiency and patient satisfaction
  • Safeguard a dental restoration
  • Integrate with other technology
  • Assess the need for clear aligner therapy
  • Provide you with visual data of your bite
  • Save you time in your schedule thanks to fewer visits

Since this system is completely digital, there is no need for us to use articulating paper to find the contact between your upper and lower teeth.

With a consultation, our dentists will perform an oral exam to assess the need for a T-Scan. For more information about the T-Scan occlusal analysis system and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sanford Barr or Dr. Marianne Diachenko, please give us a call at 312-372-4844.

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